Ask most urban cyclists about their safety concerns and they’ll likely tell you that it’s car doors that worry them most. With a rising numbers of bike commuters, the potential for incidents of ‘car-dooring’ have increased. Car-dooring has sadly contributed to road fatalities in Australia with victims pitched into oncoming traffic.

<BIKE CHECK> is a viral safety campaign to improve education and awareness of cyclists by motorists and their passengers. The catch-line ‘Don’t Door Me’ is the first in a growing series of slogans conveying a powerful message with a humorous or ironic twist; perhaps akin to the marketing campaign of the financial review.

The <BIKE CHECK> campaign uses two-sided A5 sheets featuring both a campaign message and a series of transparent miniature decal stickers. The <BIKE CHECK> stickers can be used to affix to both door windows and mirrors (rear and side view) to serve as constant reminders to drivers and their passengers to check for bikes – even when entering or exiting from a stationary vehicle. 

The <BIKE CHECK> campaign appeals to both motorists and cyclists. The <BIKE CHECK> sticker sheet features a range of options from small stickers for application to mirrors (side and rear view) as well as larger symbols for side door windows (stickers for side mirrors will be small and discreet in accordance with vehicle safety regulations). A series of more provocative stickers with a more humorous approach will also encourage driver customization, as well as equipping cyclists to leave their mark in urban danger zones or to target a recent ‘car-dooring’ offender with a safety message that really sticks!

The <BIKE CHECK> sticker campaign has low production costs and an open source design which is universally available to communities, governments, councils and interest groups.

In collaboration with Josh Wright.